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Day 1 - Maidenhead, Berks - Kaiserslautern, Germany

Leaving home @ 04:30, Ferry @ 07:45, Arrived @ 20:00. Journey time: 15hrs.

Aboard our Norman Arrow ferry from Dover - Boulogne (112m! Longest Cat in the world) - Bob.

Finally getting to know the people we were about to spend 2 weeks with - playing Cheat.

Our ferry went at a maximum speed of around 40kts.

A van in France - Gorgeous weather, and a glamorous windmirror shot.

Team Almera in front there! Enjoying a drive through France.

We've hit Belgium! Most of this drive was boring with the same old countryside.

Bob Moore's first proper driving in Europe experience, looking happy!

These two didn't see much of Belgium, and were glad for the sleep gained. Tanith say Hello!

Another shot of Team Almera, lovely clouds and clear roads.

A house we saw on the way, quite a few like this which were just a few metres away from motorway.

Team Almera + The House.

Team Almera and the infamous orange pillow.

First signs of Luxembourg! Thank god we're out of Belgium.

Team Almera nearing the border.


And FINALLY, we enter Deutschland, our destination for the first night.

Team Almera with what seemed to be a lovely drive.

And then the Germans closed the road.. We came to find that Germans like to close roads, pfft.

On our way to the first campsite, following Team Almera.

Finding our campsite near the Black Forest.

A cute orange house in a small village in Germany.

Seem to be tailgating our friends here....

Strange quad bike type vehicle which didn't go faster than 30mph, hurrumph.

Some lovely German countryside.

And what looks like a German pub!

A german village - I have a vague feeling we did a U-turn near here.

A deserted looking shop.

Going through German towns.

Finally, back on the motorway!

It'd obviously been far too much effort sitting in the back for Morgan.

Team Almera going ahead to find the campsite - on the Right, the Black Forest. Mmm Gateau.

Mmmm, Gateau.

Mmmm, even more Gateau.

Gorgeous drives round errrr Gateau - I mean the Black Forest. MMM, Berries!

FINALLY arrived at the campsite - Camping Club Pirmasens - very happy to be here.

Goat the Sheep is quite obviously glad to have travelled 550 miles in 15 hours, look at the grin on that face!


Summary of Day One:

Car performed steadily, we averaged around 25mpg and around 60mph.
We spent around €100 in fuel and Barney nearly bought 20 packets of cigarettes.
As we got to our destination, the car decided to get very hot, so we had to run our heaters to cool the engine down. This was great,
apart from the sweat that it caused Alex & Bob.
When we'd unpacked, we opened the bonnet and noticed that the coolant level was below minimum - whether this was down to a
slight coolant leak or just general long driving in the heat, we'll never know.
Team Almera BBQ'd and had barely cooked Sausages, but no one suffered food poisoning!
The Mondeo 5 ate a potato stew with bread.
But most importantly, everyone enjoyed a few alcoholic beverages (cheap cheap!) and had a nice first evening getting to know each other.


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