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January 2010 - Aquisition of new mondeo and mechanical work....

OK so I bought this one for £1400. Bit more than the £220.55 i paid for Mondy 1 but then again this is the high spec Ghia X model. It comes with a mind boggling amount of kit including:
Cruise Control
2 X 12v port (1 not working)
Alloy wheels (mostly scuffed)
Metallic silver panelwork (one small dent and various scratches)
High Mileage (150k)
No history, only one key and a lease car smell inside

BUT it is a diesel, manual and much better on fuel. To tell you the truth this motors actually already been to Munich in back in Dec '09 but its planned for 5 or more road trips in 2010 hopefully topping 10,000 miles!

The work...... It needed a new pair of rear wheel bearings and various under the bonnet work including MAF cleanout, EGR/Inlet scuzz clean etc....

Doing an oil and general filter change in the freezing snowy january weather

Kristian poking at things with inadequete tools!!!

Failed attempt at getting the numberplate stuck back on

Kristian and bob hammer worryingly at the underside of the car trying to get some bolts out (we went through a torque wrench
and various other tools trying to get this bugger off

Front and under the bonnet now sans Ford badge - complete with laptop running "diagnostics" (msn)

Wheel bearing being put in

Using the dodgy old screws - why not!

Stand on it and it will work!


So wheel bearings in just the EGR and inlet that need sorting and it will be ready for the road. Next trip
planned is February 5th 2010 to Munich and back over a weekend (we're not mad at all, right?)








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