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October 2nd - 5th. 1600 miles in two legs - one 12 hour drive on the Friday, and another on the way back Sunday/Monday

The Car:
The Team

1997 Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.0 Automatic



alex   bob   morgan morgan     alex

Alex - one of the organisers, driver.

Bob - driver #2 and general handyman/advice giver. Good with mechanics
Morgan - the token ginger and all around lovely person. She can't cook.
Alex May - KFC enthusiast and co-pilot
Kristian as seen before in other trips. Technical info guy


Year of Manufacture 1997
Engine 1988cc Petrol
Transmission Automatic
BHP 137bhp (claimed)
0-62 9.5s (claimed)
Top Speed 132mph (claimed)
mpg 32.2mpg (claimed)
Spec Ghia
Colour Silver
Price Paid £220.55

The Route (Click to Enlarge)

Carry onto Day 1 of the Trip........





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