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Day 1 - Maidenhead, Berks - Untermenzing (Munich), Germany

Leaving home @ 22:30, Ferry @ 02:00, Arrived @ 18:00. Journey time: 17hrs.

Packing the Mondeo + Roof box this time - almost ready to depart on our epic journey.

Arrived at Dover around 1AM for our 2AM ferry to Dunkerque. Long sailing but puts us in a better location
for driving onwards as we needed to get through Belgium. We got stopped and searched (pretty ineffective)
but the guy was rude as you can expect of all customs personnel.

Polish Audi low to the ground

The sun rises at around 6AM over Belgium, was quite beautiful and exciting despite the boredom of driving on flat
dull roads. Got stuck at about 5AM on Brussels' version of the M25.

Goat the sheep enjoys the ride as we motor along at a constant 75MPH

Goat the sheep again poses for a shot

Bob Moore and Morgan rise after attempting to sleep in the cramp conditions!

We enter Germany.

OK well it had to be done.

Enjoying driving 12 hours in and motoring through N. Germany


Goat the sheep keeps a watchful eye.

Kristian enjoys some Mountain Dew

Bloody traffic! So irritating.

Constant diversions, lane closures and mad traffic everywhere

Comedy workman

Bob enjoying a laid back driving position

Motoring on the autobahn at a humble 75mph approaching Munich on the A8 motorway

YES! We arrive! And the first thing we see is some chavs in a UK registered luton van :D

Satisfied to have arrived safely and on schedule.

"Wheres the nearest KFC?"

What a proud car. Can't help but keep thinking this crate only cost £200.

OK so we managed to track down a KFC...


May at this point starts to get very excited


The sign of quality and acceptance - worldwide


Enjoying a fabulous lowenbrau beer

The only one still awake at midnight and shortly after we all headed off to bed

Summary of Day One:

Car performed steadily, we averaged around 20-25mpg and around 75mph.
We spent around €150 in fuel and supplies - not bad for 750 miles
No overheating issues, and having a comfy high end automatic car for a drive this
long really is a godsend. Lovely comfy seats, perfect temperature in the car at
all times - cannot complain. What a superb car!

At this point we headed to bed and looked forward to the day ahead in Munich the next day...


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