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Day 1 - Maidenhead, Berks - Clermont Ferrand, France

Leaving home @ 04:30, Ferry @ 07:55, Arrived @ 19:00. Journey time: 14hrs.

The car that would take us around Europe admirably.

Kristian taking a well earned rest a few hundred miles into the journey

Alex (out of focus) and not driving as he hadn't started learning until December '08!

Comedy 2CV

Boring french countryside


Slightly more interesting, lovely weather

The tent at our first freaky, nasty campsite.

Summary of Day 1:

It was a long day, around 550 miles, and Kristian was doing all the driving so a bit stressed at times
When we finally arrived we were in basically a shithole so it wasn't the best start, but apart from that, we had got here
safely and we cracked out a few beers to celebrate.


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